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Moni is a person-to-person money transfer app designed to simplify how people send money home to their friends and family abroad.

Moni makes sending money as easy as sending a text message. It allows users to send money to a mobile number anywhere in the world.

Conducting UX research and seeing data these are the biggest changes we made to improve UX.

Users wanted to check if our pricing is right for them before committing and Signing up to our app. That's why we introduced the Sign in flow after welcome screen where the user could check the FX and fees.

First we wanted to hide the forms and ask users gradually whom and how much they want to send and how they want to pay it. The research showed people were confused if prompting to select the person first. People wanted to check the costs on this stage too before filling in all required fields.

The user could see the summary and the status of the transaction in tab Transfers. The transaction message is also revealed and there is also a quick access to key CTA - the user could for instance trigger repeat transaction directly there.

We reduced the amount of steps in Sign Up process to the minimum. The number of steps is clearly visible on the top. We introduced PIN setup before automatic phone number verification as it makes it easier for the user to come back into the app if he needs to leave to find the SMS code.


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