Habitual: Principal Product Designer | CEO

San Francisco — 2015-Present

User experience and strategy in banking & custom finance applications.

  • Engineered and led product design strategy for projects with Treasure Finance, Sodexo, and TaxAct, Her, B8ta Retail, Coinage, Crowd-up. For Treasure Finance, spearheaded the redesign of the dashboard experience and design strategy, doubling deposit rates against withdrawals and enhancing platform trust through strategic leadership and user-centric design principles.
  • Delivered digital solutions that boosted customer engagement and satisfaction across all projects.
  • Achieved significant results through strategic leadership and effective cross-functional team collaboration in major financial sectors, underscoring the impact of design on business outcomes.

Galileo Financial Technologies (a SoFi Company): Principal Designer

San Francisco — Jul 2021–Mar 2023

  • Formulated and executed enterprise-level design strategies at Galileo, significantly advancing company-wide objectives by integrating sophisticated design methods, business insights, and analytical tools.
  • Elevated user satisfaction and engagement by multiple NPS scores, capitalizing on strategic UX improvements and targeted user engagement techniques.
  • AManaged a significant reduction in human interaction in modified programs, leveraging automation and design optimization to streamline operations and enhance user experience.
  • Directed and coordinated the development and implementation of a design system to establish a robust, scalable framework for ongoing design consistency and quality.

PwC: Lead Designer

San Francisco — Mar 2018–May 2021

  • TaxVerse (US Sales Tax Determination Tool)
    • Pioneered and guided the product experience design for TaxVerse, resulting in its acquisition. Employed comprehensive research, strategic development, and meticulous UI/interaction design to align the product with critical market needs
    • Managed a dedicated team, enhancing design capabilities and fostering a collaborative environment that supported the development and successful launch of the TaxVerse product.
  • AI Governance Tool
    • Steered the development of the AI Governance Tool from inception through the pilot phase with 10 customers to general availability, demonstrating strategic leadership and rigorous project management to ensure the tool's alignment with industry needs and successful market introduction.
    • Cultivated a robust design and development strategy, overseeing a team of specialists focused on creating a scalable and efficient AI governance framework, which facilitated the tool's transition from the pilot phase to a widely available product.

Security First: Lead UX/UI Designer

Remote — 2013-2022

  • Orchestrated product design and strategy across multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Web) for the Umbrella app, adeptly addressing risks faced by Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in diverse cultural contexts. Employed in-depth user research and innovative UX strategies to customize the app's features for enhanced user engagement and accessibility.
  • Conducted comprehensive user research and devised targeted UX strategies, effectively elevating the app’s adoption and securing high user satisfaction ratings, reflecting a strong command of user experience design principles.
  • Engineered the Umbrella app from concept through to market launch, successfully scaling to 80,000 users with a rating of 4.0 on Android and 50,000 users with a rating of 4.8 on iOS. Leveraged cutting-edge design methodologies and strategic positioning to grow and sustain a robust user base across platforms.

App Annie: Senior UX Designer

San Francisco — Mar 2017-Sep2017

  • Directed the design and strategic implementation of a headline feature on the 2017 roadmap, enhancing product functionality and user engagement. Applied strategic collaboration and expert design techniques to ensure the feature aligned with user expectations and business objectives.
  • Partnered closely with a UX researcher to conduct thorough user and usability research, ensuring the feature's design was robustly informed by user insights and usability data. Leveraged these findings to optimize the feature, substantially elevating user experience and satisfaction.

Moni Technologies: Lead UX/UI Designer

London, UK — Jul 2014-Jun 2016

  • Initiated and developed the design and strategy for Moni, a peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer app, 0 ->1. Applied user-centric design strategies and robust cross-platform implementation to drive the project from inception to a significant market presence.
  • Participated in the inaugural cohort of Techstars London, leveraging this intensive startup accelerator to catapult the project from concept to reality, enhancing business strategies and accelerating pivotal product development milestones.

Dattch/HER: Design and Technical Lead

London, UK — May 2013-Jul 2014

  • Spearheaded the design strategy, research, and UX/UI design for an iOS and Android app: employed expert design practices and rigorous research methodologies to dramatically expand user engagement and adoption.
  • Oversaw the marketing website and led a cross-functional team of developers, ensuring seamless integration of design and development efforts that enhanced user experience and market reach.
  • Participated in the YCombinator S15 batch, capitalizing on the accelerator's resources to refine strategic approaches and engage with influential stakeholders, facilitating rapid scaling and operational excellence.
  • Won the Best Design Award at the LAUNCH Festival 2014 San Francisco, earning acclaim for innovative design and effective implementation that significantly bolstered the project's visibility and industry standing.

Lorem Ipsum: UX/UI Designer

Celje, Slovenia — Dec 2006-Jan 2014

  • Transformed the UX/UI design for major Slovenian banks and post offices, driving digital transformation and opening new business channels. Utilized strategic design and innovative user engagement tactics to enhance user experience and operational efficiency significantly.

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