Hi! I'm Vesna Planko

I craft User Experiences and User Interfaces (UX & UI).

Designing fintech and business applications is my passion, and I'm a design leader with 15 years of experience. I have a proven track record for designing and building innovative digital products and leading multidisciplinary teams. In the past, I've worked with startups, helping them with designing in the acceleration stage (YCombinator, 500 Startups, TechStars London) and incubating and leading design for products of one of the Big 4.

I have a customer-centric approach by combining design thinking, product intuition, and business proficiency to help teams find meaningful solutions. This includes finding user needs, building empathy, articulating ideas through great storytelling, and leading creative direction for large-scale projects.

My extensive experience in design & product strategy, leading brainstorms, sprints, workshops, and storytelling exercises helps generate new ideas and guide every team member to a singular goal and product vision. I strive to help team members involved through vagueness and find what matters most to the user and the business.

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